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Alcohol does not make you strong

If alcohol does not contain tissue-building material, nor give heat to the body, it cannot possibly add to its strength. "Every kind of power an animal can generate," says Dr. G. Budd, F.R.S., "the mechanical power of the muscles, the chemical (or digestive) power of the stomach, the intellectual power of the brain accumulates through the nutrition of the organ on which it depends." Dr. F.R. Lees, of Edinburgh, after discussing the question, and educing evidence, remarks: "From the very nature of things, it will now be seen how impossible it is that alcohol can be strengthening food of either kind. Since it cannot become a part of the body, it cannot consequently contribute to its cohesive, organic strength, or fixed power; and, since it comes out of the body just as it went in, it cannot, by its decomposition, generate heat force."

Sir Benjamin Brodie says: "Stimulants do not create nervous power; they merely enable you, as it were, to use up that which is left, and then they leave you more in need of rest than before."

Baron Liebig, so far back as 1843, in his "Animal Chemistry," pointed out the fallacy of alcohol generating power. He says: "The circulation will appear accelerated at the expense of the force available for voluntary motion, but without the production of a greater amount of mechanical force." In his later "Letters," he again says: "Wine is quite superfluous to man, it is constantly followed by the expenditure of power" whereas, the real function of food is to give power. He adds: "These drinks promote the change of matter in the body, and are, consequently, attended by an inward loss of power, which ceases to be productive, because it is not employed in overcoming outward difficulties i.e., in working." In other words, this great chemist asserts that alcohol abstracts the power of the system from doing useful work in the field or workshop, in order to cleanse the house from the defilement of alcohol itself.

The late Dr. W. Brinton, Physician to St. Thomas', in his great work on Dietetics, says: "Careful observation leaves little doubt that a moderate dose of beer or wine would, in most cases, at once diminish the maximum weight which a healthy person could lift. Mental acuteness, accuracy of perception and delicacy of the senses are all so far opposed by alcohol, as that the maximum efforts of each are incompatible with the ingestion of any moderate quantity of fermented liquid. A single glass will often suffice to take the edge off both mind and body, and to reduce their capacity to something below their perfection of work."

Dr. F.R. Lees, F.S.A., writing on the subject of alcohol as a food, makes the following quotation from an essay on "Stimulating Drinks," published by Dr. H.R. Madden, as long ago as 1847: "Alcohol is not the natural stimulus to any of our organs, and hence, functions performed in consequence of its application, tend to debilitate the organ acted upon.

Alcohol is incapable of being assimilated or converted into any organic proximate principle, and hence, cannot be considered nutritious.

The strength experienced after the use of alcohol is not new strength added to the system, but is manifested by calling into exercise the nervous energy pre-existing.

The ultimate exhausting effects of alcohol, owing to its stimulant properties, produce an unnatural susceptibility to morbid action in all the organs, and this, with the plethora superinduced, becomes a fertile source of disease.

A person who habitually exerts himself to such an extent as to require the daily use of stimulants to ward off exhaustion, may be compared to a machine working under high pressure. He will become much more obnoxious to the causes of disease, and will certainly break down sooner than he would have done under more favorable circumstances.

The more frequently alcohol is had recourse to for the purpose of overcoming feelings of debility, the more it will be required, and by constant repetition a period is at length reached when it cannot be foregone, unless reaction is simultaneously brought about by a temporary total change of the habits of life.

Driven to the wall

Not finding that alcohol possesses any direct alimentary value, the medical advocates of its use have been driven to the assumption that it is a kind of secondary food, in that it has the power to delay the metamorphosis of tissue. "By the metamorphosis of tissue is meant," says Dr. Hunt, "that change which is constantly going on in the system which involves a constant disintegration of material; a breaking up and avoiding of that which is no longer aliment, making room for that new supply which is to sustain life." Another medical writer, in referring to this metamorphosis, says: "The importance of this process to the maintenance of life is readily shown by the injurious effects which follow upon its disturbance. If the discharge of the excrementitious substances be in any way impeded or suspended, these substances accumulate either in the blood or tissues, or both. In consequence of this retention and accumulation they become poisonous, and rapidly produce a derangement of the vital functions. Their influence is principally exerted upon the nervous system, through which they produce most frequent irritability, disturbance of the special senses, delirium, insensibility, coma, and finally, death."

"This description," remarks Dr. Hunt, "seems almost intended for alcohol." He then says: "To claim alcohol as a food because it delays the metamorphosis of tissue, is to claim that it in some way suspends the normal conduct of the laws of assimilation and nutrition, of waste and repair. A leading advocate of alcohol (Hammond) thus illustrates it: 'Alcohol retards the destruction of the tissues. By this destruction, force is generated, muscles contract, thoughts are developed, organs secrete and excrete.' In other words, alcohol interferes with all these. No wonder the author 'is not clear' how it does this, and we are not clear how such delayed metamorphosis recuperates.

Things To Take Into Account When Moving Abroad

´╗┐Transferring Overseas could be a very hard decision to make. Some transfer overseas as a result of their jobs require them to. With the intention to advance of their careers, some must make the choice to move. Some individuals transfer because of their family. When people wish to stay collectively, someone should sacrifice and move to another place. Some transfer as a result of they want one thing to vary in theirves. Moving abroad iske experiencing a fresh start infe. It is typically the case that people who decide on transferring overseas do so because they really feel that they will be leaving their mistakes behind. There's an Asian saying that goes: he who doesn't know the right way to look back the place he's coming from won't ever get to his destination. Merely put, transferring overseas may seem to be a fresh start infe, however we have to be careful never to truly neglect our origins. Some folks, after they go overseas, lose their identities. They simply turn into assimilated into the tradition of their new home. Usually, this isn't such a bad thing. However, if you happen to neglect your heritage, then you definitely might find yourself making the same errors that you did in the past. Remembering your origins iske reviewing all the teachings that you've got discovered within the great classroom offe. Earlier than you make a decision concerning transferring abroad, there are three voices it's best to hearken to: a) Your initial response - this, in fact, is the response that you get earlier than you take the time to truly take into account the dilemma. Your initial response shows your instinctive decision. Many individuals have been saved by making choices based on instinct. Nevertheless, before you determine based on this, you should also contemplate other voices. b) The opinion of others - after you have heard what you need, take the time tosten to what others think. This can be very useful in assessing the state of affairs as there may be some things which you miss out on from your perspective. That is especially important if different individuals shall be affected by your moving overseas. c) What must be completed - your preliminary response constitutes what you need to do. After you have got assessed the state of affairs, ask yourself what needs to be done. Take the opinion of others and the demands of the present scenario and see what you really need to do. Some folks would possibly say that this stuff are contradicting. There's really nothing that one can do about that. What it's essential to do is to find the heart of the contradiction. The choice concerning transferring overseas is difficult sufficient without having multiple voices inside your head. In case you find the heart of the contradiction, nonetheless, you'll learn that there is one voice which comprises all of these opinions. And you would be able to make the proper decision. Consider transferring abroad as a complete new adventure. Think of it as a new chapter in yourfe waiting to be written. It is best to always do not forget thatfe is just one large adventure and there are occasions when you have to take dangers to enjoy it. You must also remember that nobody could make you do something that you simply really do not need to do. In the end, the choice to move overseas will nonetheless be yours to make. In Researching this article I found Villas In Menorca, be a really useful site. I also refrerred to Menorca Private Owners What You Need To Know as this site contained some very good information.

Vacation Packing Tips

´╗┐p Perhaps, you have planned the perfect vacation Whether you are traveling on your own or you are traveling with your family or friends, you expect to have a jolly good time. Of course, you know all about planning your vacation in the areas of accommodations, air tickets, car rentals, travel insurance, places of interest, and so on. However, packing for your vacation is also very important. Most people start packing for their vacation one or two days before the day of departure, and with sottle time, it can be quite hard to make vital and sensible decisions. How many bags should you bring? What items should you bring? Obviously, you don't want to bring your winter clothes when you are going to a warm destination and the opposite is true when you are going to a cold destination. To help you pack efficiently for your vacation, here are some great vacation packing tips. Wrinkle-Free Clothes/strong Even when you are traveling, you will want to look your best. Who knows? You may have the chance to meet your Mr. Perfect or Miss Perfect and you definitely don't want to lookke you just jumped out of a suitcase. While it's quite impossible to be at your sparkling best during your travels, you can at least appear presentable. Try to bring as many wrinkle-free clothes as possible. During your vacation, you don't want to waste too much time worrying about sending your clothes for ironing, and paying a bundle for the laundry service. Wrinkle-free clothes are perfect for vacations. strongBlack Dress/strong For women, it's almost compulsory to bring along thatttle black dress. It's the perfect outfit because it can be worn for many occasions, and it doesn't get dirty quite as easily as a dress in any other color. Also, there's just something about a woman in a black dress that drives the guys wild so there's even more incentive to pack your favorite black dress. Whether you are going for a stroll on the beach or dining in a fancy restaurant, a black dress will be just as suitable. strongBlue Jeans/strong Seasoned travelers always bring their blue jeans on their travels. Do you know why? Justke the black dress, blue jeans can be worn for many occasions. When you are traveling to a foreign country or destination, you may be wondering if you are dressing appropriately. In fact, some people are worried that they may be wearing the wrong clothes. Well, you can just put on your pair of blue jeans, and you will always be rightly dressed, regardless of the weather or the travel plans. Blue jeans are popular in almost all parts of the world so it's a good idea to bring them on your vacation. strongButton-Down Front Shirt/strong Another important piece of clothing you should pack for your vacation is a button-down front shirt. Now, you may have certain apparels that mix and match well but the button-down front shirt is indispensable because of its versatility. It can be worn with a pair of blue jeans or it can be worn with a skirt. To create a different look, you can even wear a scarf with your button-down front shirt or any which way you desire. strongHand Bag It's no secret that women can't be separated from their hand bags. The tricky part is that most women have a collection of hand bags which are to be used for various occasions, and there are so many typeske the sling bag, clutch, satchel, hobo bag, tote, and so on. For a vacation, it's quite impossible to pack all these hand bags into two suitcases, considering all the other essentials. In thisght, it's best to bring just one neutral colored hand bag which is black, white or tan. A neutral hand bag is excellent because it can match all your outfits. Accessories/strong When people go on a vacation, they try to plan their outfits so that they don't have to wear the same clothes too many times. In some cases, they may end up bringing too much clothes, and they may not be wearing some of those clothes during the vacation. For women, and even some men, they can cut down on the number of outfits by bringing some accessories to freshen up their appearance. Accessorieske necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings don't take up much space but they can be used to make a different impression. strongToiletries/strong Just because you are on vacation doesn't mean that personal hygiene should be taking a rest. It's important to bring all those toiletrieske toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizers, soap, shampoo, and so on. Now, you have to be smart about this. If you bring all your full-size toiletries, they will take up quite a lot of space, and you should know that space ismited in the two suitcases. What should you do? Try to get those travel size toiletries which are readily available in supermarkets or other such places. Another thing to do is to check with your hotel to see if they provide toiletries, and if they do, you can even save more space. strongCosmetics It's natural that women want to look as beautiful as possible, and they definitely want to look more beautiful when they are on vacation. To do that, they need their cosmetics but again, it's not practical to bring all the cosmetics along. Nowadays, there are multi-purpose make-up items that can be used as apstick or eye shadow. Of course, there are also mini cosmetics sets that can be easily carried in a hand bag. Generally, there are no hard rules about packing for your vacation. A vacation to India is quite different from a vacation to Russia. Then, there's also the part about weather and the type of vacation. If you are going on an extreme sport adventure, you will surely pack differently than a person who's going on a cruise. When you pack smartly for your vacation, you will enjoy it even more!